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Q: How long will my recordings be available to me?

A: Each recording for Platinum members is kept on our servers for three months and Gold members for one month. After that the recording is deleted to make room on our server for other recordings. Silver members do not have recording privileges.

Q: What happens if I exceed the minutes allowed on my membership level?

A: The system will prompt you to upgrade to the next membership level or add minutes to your account.

Q: Who gets the referral fee if two people refer me to VoiceSync?....

A: You will decide whose personal reference number to use during set up. That person will receive the rewarded credit commission. No changes can be made.

Q: Can I pay the membership fee in monthly installments?

A: VoiceSync is not set up to accept monthly payments, see website pricing for more detail.

Q: If I start off with the Silver version of VoiceSync and I tell my friends and family about this concept will I get the rewarded credit?

A: Yes

Q: When will the VoiceSync app be released?

A: VoiceSync will be released for public consumption in July 2020


Add-ons: Interactive whiteboard collaboration room



Add-ons Virtual background and more

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