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VoiceSync LLC is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected from subscribers and visitors to our app and website accurate, confidential, secure and private. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will never knowingly collect personally identifying information from children under the age of 13.

This statement describes our privacy policy with respect to:

·       What Information is Collected; How Information is Collected; and by Whom is Information Collected

·       Data Controller and Data Processor

·       The Sharing of Collected Information

·       Security of Information

·       User Rights Regarding Personal Data

·       Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Data Controller and Data Processor

VoiceSync LLC acts both as a processor and controller in regards to personal data collecting and personal data processing for our website visitors and service users.


In order to download the “Free” version of the VoiceSync app you must submit your name and email address. To upgrade to a paid version you must submit your email address used when downloading the app, your address, credit card number and phone number. In addition, to get paid for referral rewards you must submit your banking information, i.e. your bank’s routing number and your account number. Your personal information is shared only with our partners who process your payments.

Transaction Information

When you authorize a purchase transaction, we will collect certain information related to that transaction such as the location from which you are requesting the search or transaction, version (Platinum, Gold or Silver package and minutes purchased) and certain personally identifiable information, such as your password, your credit card information and any special handling requests. This personally identifiable information will never knowingly appear in public areas of our Web site.

Third Party Information

During the processing of your transactions, we collect verification information from our credit card authorization services. Credit card authorization services verify that credit card information and address that they have on file for you matches the information that you have provided to us.

General Information

We collect general information about you when you visit our web site. This information includes technical information related to your computer and the manner in which you are accessing our site and includes such information as the internet protocol (IP) address of your computer, what operating system your computer is using, what browser software (e.g., Explorer, Netscape or other) your computer is using, and who your Internet service provider is, the Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") of the web site from which you just came and the URL to which you go next and certain operating metrics, such as the amount of time you use our Web site.

The general information that we gather about you may be aggregated with general information of all users to help us better understand how our site is used. In addition, we aggregate the general information and the personal information. We compile and analyze this aggregated information so that we can provide more meaningful information to corporate partners and more relevant content and advertisements to you.

The Sharing of Collected Information

Personally Identifiable Information

As noted above, we only share certain information about you with those of our vendors who are responsible for handling your account. We will not share your personally identifying information with other third parties without your consent, except for the following limited purposes:

1.     We are compelled to do so by law or by an order of a court or governmental authority.

2.     In order to cooperate with law enforcement authorities or governmental regulatory bodies, and if we find any fraudulent activities.

3.     As necessary to complete a transaction for you.


VoiceSync LLC uses the highest security standard available (SSL) to encrypt all of your credit card and personally identifiable information while it is in transit to us. All data stored on the VoiceSync LLC server is protected by a secure "firewall" so that no unauthorized use or activity can take place. VoiceSync LLC will make every effort to safeguard your personal information.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Amendments to this document will posted to this document. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of our Privacy Policy.

User Rights Regarding Personal Data

You have the following rights listed below as a user of our website and services.

1.     The right to be informed about what personal data is being collected and what is it being used for

2.     The right of access to your personal data that we collect

3.     The right of rectification of any personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete

4.     The right to erasure or request to delete your personal data we collect

5.     The right to restrict processing - an individual's right to block or suppress processing of their personal data.

6.     The right to data portability - this allows individuals to retain and reuse their personal data for their own purpose.

7.     The right to object to their personal data being used. This includes, if a company uses personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, scientific and historical research, or for the performance of a task in the public interest.

8.     Rights of automated decision making and profiling - For example, individuals can choose not to be the subject of a decision where the consequence has a legal bearing on them or is based on automated processing.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of our Privacy Policy

Usage of our app and website is based on your agreement to our Privacy Policy and terms of Service (TOS).



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